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Media info

“Rent I Danmark” is the leading media in the cleaning industry and keeps readers up to date with news and debate about cleaning, maintenance and service. The magazine is published on print 6 times a year with news, personal material, product information and market trends.

The magazine follows the industry closely and cooperates, among other things. with the Danish Cleaning Technology Association, the Employers’ Association of the Service Industry (SBA / DI) and Danish Service (Danish Business) and others.

Target audiences and readers

The primary target group is cleaning companies and service companies, decision-makers responsible for cleaning / service in both public and larger private companies.

In addition, the magazine is published to industry suppliers, advisors and training providers.

Size of distribution approx.

The magazine is distributed in a circulation of approx. 4700 copies.

Prices and formats
Format Wide x high Price. Danish kroner


1/1 page 186 x 273 mm 16.800 (2240 EUR)
1/2 page 90 x 258 mm 9.400 (1254 EUR)
1/2 page 186 x 126 mm 9.400 (1254 EUR)
1/3 page 57 x 258 mm 7.200 (960 EUR)
1/3 page 186 x 83 mm 7.200 (960 EUR)
1/4 page 42 x 258 mm 5.400 (720 EUR)
1/4 page 90 x 126 mm 5.400 (720 EUR)
1/4 page 186 x 60 mm 5.400 (720 EUR)
Double page 396 x 273 mm 29.500 (3934 EUR)
Front module

There are two FrontPage modules on each magazine

Format 91mm wide 40mm high. Price per Module DKK 6,000 (800 EUR)

Discount on text page advertisements

10% at 3 insertions

20% at 6 insertions.

Advertisement material

All supplied electronically as high resolution pdf file (300 dpi)

Potential advertisements are invoiced separately

Supplier guide

Classified ads that run in print magazine for one year, can be placed under categories such as house services, chemical / technical, total supplier, hygiene products, counselling, education, machinery, floor care, industry associations, IT solutions, window cleaning equipment, etc.

Firm format

60 mm wide x 50 mm high


Your classified ad can contain e.g. your Logo + Name, Address, Phone, Email and www


By agreement (e.g. “Total Supplier” or “information technology”)


Current insertions (6 editions = 1 year)

Price: 6 insertions in a product guide of DKK 980,00, DKK 5,880.00 excl. VAT (785 EUR)

Discount: 10% rebate discount and 10% discount by invoicing in advance. Net total excl. VAT for 6 insertions – DKK 4,762.80 excl. VAT


The amount in net + VAT are invoiced after the first insert. Extra pay is charged for online service (DKK 1,500 per year.)

(By single insertions the insertion will stay online till next edition. (Firm price: DKK 350)


Advertorial is a combination of the words advertisement and editorial. This is an advertisement that takes the form of an article and thus surrounds the product / company with great credibility.

An advertorial is prepared in collaboration between the company and a journalist for Rent in Denmark.

Advertorials typically come across 2 pages in the magazine, and are also exposed to

Price DKK 20,000

Release Plan 2020

No. Release Date Advert Ordering Material Deadline
1. February 12 January 31 February 3
2. April 22 April 15 April 15
3. June 10 May 29 June 2
4. September 7 August 28 August 31
5. October 28 October 19 October 20
6. December 3 November 25 November 26

Foldouts and other creative solutions

Call our media consultants for a chat about input and various creative options to make your business more visible. There are many options.


Folders, postcards, flyers in maximum A4, weight up to 20 grams, total price. DKK 14.995

Foldouts more than 20 gram of weight is charged with extra portage. It is a prerequisite that the foldout can be handled mechanically in connection with the foil-wrapping. Otherwise there will be an extra charge for manual handling. Call and ask.

Other creative solutions

It is a practicability to stick in labels, samples and likes in the magazine. Inquire further with our media consultants.

All prices are excl. VAT



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Phone: 0045 6114 2530

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